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Nobody cares about your skills, interests, what you can build, or what you can help with

People only care about what can enhance their lives

To succeed you must identify persistent and fundamental challenges that touch on universal human concerns.

These concerns revolve around three core areas:

They are the eternal markets

– Health

– Wealth

– Relationships

These markets collectively contribute to what may be considered the ultimate pursuit: 

Happiness. To be precise, it’s about elevating the quality of life in a lasting way.

It’s crucial to internalize these areas and recalibrate your mindset away from merely your own talents and enthusiasms.

Consider instead how these attributes could address issues within these vital sectors.

Envision the potential of your capabilities or interests to help:

– Amplify someone’s financial success

– Create freedom

– Enhance overall enjoyment of life

– Remove stress

– Improve self-image

Contemplate the tangible benefits that your ideas could bring into existence.

Do you see where I am going with this?

Leadership is all about helping people reach their full potential.

The key is to tackle the basics that everyone struggles with and guide them towards their peak. That’s your golden ticket.

Think of it like this: you’ve got to craft your solutions to hit where it really matters for folks, right at the core of their everyday needs and dreams.

When you’re putting stuff out there—your words, your products, whatever—it’s gotta speak to the real aches and wins people are feeling. Like, imagine me getting in your face about it, because that’s how important it is.

Don’t even think about throwing something out into the world without it nailing those points.

And this isn’t just about what you write or sell.

It’s the whole shebang:

– Your social media messaging

– That incentive you give away to snag emails

– The words that get people to join your list

– The emails you send out

– Your homepage and the pages that get people to buy

– Your whole online spot

– What you teach

– The stuff you post and how you respond online

This is the secret sauce for convincing people and getting them to switch up their game.

When they do better because of what you’ve shared, guess who they’ll remember? You. That’s a solid win for both sides.

Always ask yourself:

– What’s the drag of sticking to the old ways, and how’s it bugging people daily?

– How’s switching things up going to make life sweeter every day?

– Can you break down the game plan so they can jump on it right now?

Keep these three questions in your head whenever you’re creating something. Do it right, and you’ll see everything from your sales to your street cred skyrocket.

And remember, the more you can nail down your point, the more you ooze confidence and trust, the more people will buy into what you’re saying.

The more specific, confident, and credible you can be with this argument, the better.

(You make an argument credible by pulling from different sources (perspectives) — these do not have to be scientifically proven. You do this by consuming information that you love reading and writing about.)

1) The Main Issue

In pretty much every story, ad, or even a quick tweet, there’s a snag that’s either spelled out or hinted at. This snag might unfold into tinier hassles that folks are dealing with.

By sketching out the trouble someone’s up against, you start to get them thinking about it and on the lookout for a fix. This is what usually kicks off a longer piece of content.

2) Stirring the Pot

Imagine you’re like a doc on a sales call. You poke around with questions to get to the heart of what’s really bugging them about the issue.

In your content, you don’t need to quiz them, but you can still take them on a deep dive into how this big snag is messing with their vibe (and crank up their need for a fix).

3) Getting on Their Level

Just like folks dig evidence that they’re on the right track (that whole “confirmation bias” thing), they also like knowing they’re not the only ones in their particular pickle.

Share stories—yours or your clients’—that show them you get it and that a turnaround is totally doable. They’ll see they’re not out of step.

This is also the secret sauce behind why memes are a hit. They give people that “me too” moment.

4) The Upsides

Now we’re getting into the juicy part that feels like a story unfolding.

People are all about those before-and-after moments (why do you think makeover videos are a hit?).

These stories don’t need to be about big life flips. Just suggesting the perks of getting past a problem can get folks jazzed about the change.

If your audience is clued in enough, they’ll jump at the practical steps you lay out.

Talking about a gadget? Don’t just list off the cool stuff it can do—highlight how those things make life better. The real juice is in the perks.

For instance:

Feature: 1 gigabyte of storage.

Perk: Keep every single cute photo of your newborn son without sweating storage space. (something my wife would definitely purchase 🙂 )

You’re painting a picture for a specific someone who needs that gig of space for something super personal.

The trick is to keep an eye out for content and sales pitches that nail this approach.

5) The Ideal Fix

So, you’ve painted the picture with problems, stirred up the feelings, showed you get it, and dangled the perks. Now you have primed them for a solution.

Here’s where you swoop in with something that feels just right for them.

t’s about shaping the perfect answer to their issue based on the scenario you’ve laid out (the vibe you’ve set with your words and the scene you’ve drawn).

Your aim? 

Spark that little hit of excitement that lights up their brain—the “this is it” moment, the breakthrough, the “this could be the answer I’ve been looking for.”

Then, you deliver as much value as you possibly can to fulfill that promise.

Keep in mind that this argument is constructed in different ways across your entire brand. That is where the fun and creativity come into play.

6) What’s Next: The Roadmap

People love ‘’how-to’ content for a simple reason: it cuts through the fog and lays out the next steps crystal clear.

The slickest wrap-up to any piece is a call to action that breaks it down ‘’Sesame Street ABC-style’’ — easy steps that guide the reader on what to do next without breaking a sweat.

Here’s where you see it:

– In Twitter threads — “Circle back to the first tweet, hit retweet, then hop back here to continue.”

– In those click-me buttons — “Grab it now” or “Download for FREE”

– In step-by-step guides — Laying out the yellow brick road to where they want to be.

The more you can make it a no-brainer—like painting by numbers—the better. 

Cause let’s face it, most of us want our hands held when we’re stepping into something new.

I hope you enjoyed this one.

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