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Specialising in Sleep Optimisation for 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs and coaches.

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Using the power of genetic sleep optimisation to transform the performance of elite individuals

Identifying the Problem

Focusing on the root cause and not the symptoms to understand what’s holding your performance back


Using individual data points to analyse and optimise your energy, focus and productivity

Unique Solution

Coaching you based on your specific needs rather than a copy and paste method to get you the results you want

Sleep tight with the industry leading sleep tracker.

As used by…

Red Bull Racing
Sleek, comfortable, accurate. Oura Ring fits seamlessly into your life, all night and all day.

Oura enables you to get unique sleep and health insights to ensure your body is performing at an optimal level no matter what life throws at you

High Performance Sleep Coach

My coaching is uniquely designed for high performing individuals who need to gain the extra edge in business through extreme focus and productivity. By focusing on various aspects based of sleep, recovery, heart rate variability and stress management, peak performance coaching is perfect for any domain where mental acuity, focus and sustainable results are the ultimate goal

Overcome your limits with optimal sleep and energy balance

Eliminate procrastination and drive your business forward

Move from stressed and tired to focused and wired 24/7

Gain that 1% edge everyday and experience productivity like never before


Omar Choudhury: CEO of Connects Capital

From Burnt out to Motivated

Focusing on Omar’s Inconsistent sleeping window and lack of focus, and transforming it to consistent optimised sleep and increased productivity
Offering him a personalised science backed plan to understand how his body is performing and what to do in order to get healthier, lose weight and increase energy


  • Founder and CEO of The Coaching Masters valued at $25milllion after 3 years
  • Featured in Forbes
  • TEDx Speaker


300% More REM Sleep

and 2hrs 45minutes of extra productivity per day.

High Performance Coaching.

A tailored 12 week plan to maximise productivity growth and sleep opportunity based on Hamza’s individual genetic need to sleep

Time Management.

Tracking Deep Work time and spotting trends and patterns to schedule his day more effectively to become locked in on what tasks had to be accomplished every single day


Professional Golfer

and Top 50 Golf Coach in the UK.

Using the Oura ring to stay on top of a busy schedule and make instant changes to maximise performance and energy throughout the day

Let's Talk. 1-On-1.

Eliminate procrastination and frustration and experience a new level of productivity like never before
Remove fear over a poor nights sleep and understand what it feels like to be fully rested every single day
Move your business to the next level by prioritizing and taking care of the one thing that grows your business. You.