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Using the power of neuroscience and mindset to optimise the performance of high level golfers and elite level individuals.
Golf Performance

Golf Performance

Understand and break down the factors behind your performance and become the most complete player you can be.



Identify exactly what’s holding you back, build your self confidence and breakthrough once and for all.

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Peak Performance Coach

Gary J Allman .

My coaching is uniquely designed for high performing individuals. By focusing on various aspects based on neuroscience, recovery, heart rate variability and sleep, peak performance coaching is perfect for any domain where mental acuity, focus and sustainable results are the ultimate goal.

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James Hackney Coach, Mentor, Podcaster

Gary's passion and drive to help other to increase their performance in business and in life is something to admire along with the result he helps his clients to get. His knowledge about how to be on the top of your game and coaching will help anyone who is looking to grow a performance mindset!

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Akos Kaszas Entrepreneur

Feeling lost or stuck? Gary is the guy you need to talk with! Had a 2 hours conversation with him and he totally changed my perspective. After the chat, I knew exactly what I need to do to step on the next level with my business. He was very friendly and caring but professional at the same time. I totally recommend him if you want to change but don't know how to start.

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Josh Mitchell Philosopher. Vocalist. Social Butterfly. Activist.

Gary is a great guy and an excellent coach. He helped me work through my obstacles on my level and is such a helpful guide. I feel that anyone could benefit from his services.

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Marc Campbell

I spoke to Gary with regards to my nerves when playing golf in a competitive environment. He has helped me eradicate the negative thoughts through good preparation and self belief! I have always struggled scoring well in competitive play however now the nerves have gone and the self belief is there and I have just carded one of my best scores in atrocious conditions Easy to talk to and a generally nice bloke! I couldn’t recommend him highly enough! Many thanks Gary

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Tamás Csikós Network Marketer

I met Gary on Facebook earlier this year. Couple of weeks ago I decided to take his coaching and reach the next level. He simplefyling to step by step the whole process of the change also he is not here to be a cheerleader for you but to be a coach, that sometimes mean he will tell you a truth(sometimes it's hard to hear it but it's a must and in my personal experience that is crucial for a permanent change). He is a person who is guiding through the journey and giving a 120% to help me. If you choose him as your coach you won't be disappointed (if you do your part of the job). I am looking forward to work with him!

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