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My journey began with a simple goal:

To help others improve their sleep and live a healthier lifestyle…

4 years ago I was 40lbs overweight, on the border of burn out and severely depressed. I knew something needed to changed, but didn’t know where to turn. Conflicted and confused I felt like giving up. This was who I was and I just needed to accept it. That’s when I discovered the power of optimising my sleep through my genetics. 

After 3 years of struggle, and finally transforming my own health through sleep, I soon realized that the key to achieving optimal health lies in understanding the unique needs of each individual, rather than using a generic approach and a one size fits all method. 


This is exactly why I use cutting-edge genetic testing, to determine the specific needs of each of my clients and develop customized sleep plans that are tailored to their unique biology.

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As I grew and evolved, I expanded my reach to include working with those at the top of their field. Running a successful business requires a great deal of energy and focus, and I believe that optimal sleep is the foundation for that. 


I’m truly passionate and committed to helping my clients achieve their health and performance goals. My network of experts includes sleep specialists, nutritionists, and fitness professionals who work together to provide you with the best possible support and guidance. I’m dedicated to my mission of helping high performing coaches and entrepreneurs transform their energy, avoid stagnation in business through better productivity, and operate at their highest possible level through sleep and health optimisation.

If you’re ready to take control of your health, increase your productivity and performance, then join me on my mission to help you sleep and perform at your best…


Let’s revolutionize the way you think about sleep, and make a real impact around the world!


Gary J Allman