Gary J Allman


Lewis Raymond Taylor CEO of The Coaching Masters

Working with Gary was such an invaluable experience. I've learned so much about myself and how my daily output, motivation and overall health is impacted by sleep. Being the CEO of a $25million Ed Tech Company, energy and focus are so important! Gary helped me to understand how to improve my sleep to increase my output and performance. I was extremely impressed by the support and guidance and I'd highly recommend working with Gary if you're wanting to improve your business performance and wellbeing!

Ben Coomber Founder of BTN Academy and Awesome Supplements

I'm now getting a solid 6.5 - 7.5 hours per night and overall that's fed into my life as me being a high performing individual

Tom Senior Owner of The Powerful Performer Programme

Within one week my sleep was sorted. Every area of my life has since changed. My productivity, my energy, my confidence and my vision for the future.

Phil Hadfield Co Founder of Holme and Hadfield

I've always had issues with sleep and just assumed I was a bad sleeper. Gary was always available to speak to and regularly gave me advice and encouragement. The DNA and Blood Testing is top level and I really feel like they don't cut costs to get themselves the best margin, they are focusing on the value to the customer.

Georgia Manning somatic solutions for stressed out carers

I discovered Gary at a point in my life where I had just got out of a period of severe burnout and my system was out of sync and dysregulated. I had worked night shifts for ten years as a dementia carer and as a result my circadian rhythms were not being honoured and I was working against my body and it's natural rhythms. Gary was the perfect heart space and provided me with inner resourcing and so much knowledge which empowered me to restore my vitality. Our sessions were generative and vitalising. I learnt how to reset my sleep to allow me to sustain the very important job of being a carer. I can't re coming Gary enough. Long after our time together he still is invested in my well-being and takes an avid interest. Gary or kind and supportive and an incredible sleep coach. Sleep is often overlooked and the deprivation of sleep nearly drove me to the brink. Thanks to Gary I know sleep well and my life is infinitely better. Highly recommend.

Jacqueline McKeone Empowering Researchers to Fuel Breakthroughs in BioMarker Discovery and Unlock Solutions for Protein Target Profiling with Best in Class Sensitivity

Gary has been instrumental in helping me to understand not only why I suffered from insomnia but the steps I can take to help me fall asleep on the nights when I can't get there on my own. He not only taught me about sleep and what I can do about my insomnia, but he really takes the time to dig deeper into what attributes are unique to only me and what I need to focus on. I've never worked with a coach that is so caring and so willing to be available at any time for any reason to offer help regarding any issue. He always goes above and beyond, to go the extra mile and then some. He is talented, knowledgeable, helpful in all instances, and I now consider him a great friend. I recommend Gary to anyone who needs help with not only sleep, but with focus and productivity and coaching to become the best you, you can be!


    From Burnout to Constant Motivation

    Focusing on Omar’s Inconsistent sleeping window and lack of focus, and transforming it to consistent optimised sleep and increased productivity
    Offering him a personalised science backed plan to understand how his body is performing and what to do in order to get healthier, lose weight and increase energy


    Founder and CEO of The Coaching Masters 


    300% More REM Sleep

    and 2hrs 45minutes of extra productivity per day.

    High Performance Coaching.

    A tailored 12 week plan to maximise productivity growth and sleep opportunity based on Hamza’s individual genetic need to sleep

    Time Management.

    Tracking Deep Work time and spotting trends and patterns to schedule his day more effectively to become locked in on what tasks had to be accomplished every single day
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    Rodolfo Ramirez

    Tom Senior